MAV Talks

Education Inspired.

MAV Talks highlight the work and engaging ideas of Colorado Mesa University's faculty, students and alumni. From ancient empires to modern music, and historical analogies to tropical parasitoids, faculty members give engaging talks on the subjects they're passionate about. Want to hear what they had to say? Check out the talks below.

History Does Not Repeat Itself: Solving the Problem of Historical Analogies

Erika K. Jackson, PhD
Assistant Professor of History

Tropical Surprise

Thomas Walla, PhD
Professor of Biology

Being a Band Geek

Jonathan R. Hinkle, PhD
Assistant Professor of Music and Associate Director of Bands

A Vision for the Future: Preparing Musicians, Leaders and Entrepreneurs for the 21st Century

Calvin Hofer, DMA
Professor of Music and Head of Department of Music

Planetary Orbits on 2D Surfaces

Chad A. Middleton, PhD
Professor of Physics

Fractals: A New Dimension

Tracii Friedman, PhD
Professor of Mathematics

The Future of Food

Gigi Richard, PhD
Professor of Geology

The Tools of Innovation

Emma Fleck, PhD
Assistant Professor of Business

Essential Matters

Doug O’Roark, PhD
Professor of History

Success and You

Kurt Haas, PhD
Professor of English

Got Tech? Does Technology Create Empires?

Tim Casey, PhD
Professor of Political Science

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