Graduate Certificate, Applied Mathematics

This program leads to a Graduate Certificate in Applied Mathematics with an option to complete a Master of Arts degree in Education. This 18-credit hour program is designed to be completed in a two-year cycle, and serves several purposes:

  1. The program is intended to provide licensed secondary mathematics teachers the credentials required by the Higher Learning Commission to teach concurrent college or university mathematics courses.

  2. The program enables professionals interested in enhancing their knowledge of applied mathematics an opportunity to take individual courses and/or earn a graduate certificate in the subject area.

  3. The program provides an opportunity for post-graduates to take courses that serve as a bridge between a baccalaureate degree and a master degree in mathematics or related field. In this case, the transferability of the courses towards a specific master’s degree (other than the Master of Arts in Education CMU) is not guaranteed and would depend on the individual masters programs.

Gainful Employment

Applied Mathematics

Contact Information

Phil Gustafson PhD, Professor of Mathematics
Program Director, Graduate Certificate in Applied Mathematics

Dr. Lori Payne PhD, Professor of Computer Science
Department Head Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics
970.248. 1906

Ronda McDonald
CSMS Administrative Assistant 
Wubben Hall 132