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Each of the courses listed below may be taken individually or together to earn the Graduate Certificate in Applied Mathematics.  The first few courses will be offered as shown below, while the remaining offerings will be determined at a later date.

MATH 500           Introduction to Graduate Studies in Applied Mathematics (3 credits; Summer 2017)

MATH 510           Applied Probability & Statistics (3 credits; Fall 2017)

MATH 520           Applied Numerical Methods (3 credits; Spring 2018)

MATH 530           Applied Mathematical Modeling (3 credits)

MATH 540           Applied Audio and Image Processing (3 credits)

MATH 550           Mathematical Logic and Foundations of Mathematics (3 credits)

MATH 560           Applied Number Theory (3 credits)

MATH 570           Applied Cryptography (3 credits)

MATH 596           Topics (1-3 credits)