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____   Application: Complete the graduate student application


____    Application Fee of $50 is required to submit application


 ____   Official Transcripts (transcripts are not official unless sent directly to CMU from the issuing institution)

            ____ Waived for CMU/Mesa State College attendees; we can obtain transcripts.


____    Bachelor’s Degree – Preferably in mathematics, mathematics education, or an area with a significant mathematics requirement.

  • Strongly recommended - Applicants have completed 18-24 hours of undergraduate mathematics courses, including at least two semesters of calculus, a course in probability and statistics, and a course that includes writing mathematical proofs.

The following application components should be uploaded to your application portal: 

____    Letter of Intent - Provide information about your background in mathematics, interests, aspirations, and how they relate to the Graduate Certificate in Applied Mathematics.

Please address how your background relates to the recommendations listed above for bachelor’s degree and discuss any particular strengths if you do not meet these recommendations.


            ** If pursuing the master’s degree in education, include an explanation of your philosophy of education and how it connects to your pursuit of this degree in Applied Mathematics.


Letters of recommendation (x 2 for certificate only; x 3 for MA Ed Applied Math):

  • 1 page in length
  • Indicate how long the recommender has known the applicant and in what capacity
  • Describe the applicant’s ability to be self-motivated and to learn independently
  • Identify what attributes make the applicant suited for the graduate certificate program in applied mathematics


____    Letter of recommendation #1


____    Letter of recommendation #2


____    Letter of recommendation #3 (master’s degree students only)


____    Immunization form for those younger than 54


Contact Information:

For Certificate only:           

Phil Gustafson PhD

Faculty Coordinator

[email protected]


For Master’s Degree:

Graduate Support Coordinator

Center for Teacher Education

[email protected]