Little Mavs Tuition and Fees


Fall and Spring Semesters

 monthly rate

Full day ~ 5 or more hours a day                        Part day ~ less than 5 hours a day

Students Minimum of two full time days or three part-time each week

Faculty/Staff Minimum of 3 full time days

Community Minimum of 5 full time days

Non CMU Class Days

Full day rates only no part time rates during:
  • Fall Break
  • Thanksgiving
  • Winter Break /J Term 
  • Spring Break


Rates are listed on the summer calendars.

Registration Fees

  • Fall and Spring Semester fee is a $30.00 for each child you enroll due at the time of acceptance into the program. 
  • Each fall semester an additional registration fee of $30.00 a child is added to the bill
  • Summer fee is $25.00 per child (current LMLC student excepted)


  • Tuition payments are due by the 1st of each month. 
  • No refunds are given for the days a child is absent.
  • Unpaid tuition will result in a suspension of services until the balance is paid in full.