Technology for Loan

Phone charger

 phone charger

Does your phone die as often as the Colorado Avalanche? Be happy! The Library has adapters to charge nearly any device. Techno mumbo-jumbo follows: USB 1, Micro USB, Mini USB, USB A 2.0. [Please note: This cable is Not MFI certified and Not support Sync Data]

Noise-cancelling headphones

noise cancelling headphones

Never have to overhear the people at the next table listening to those annoying Beethoven String Quartets again. Now you can study while keeping up on The Bachelor in perfect peace. (Skull not included)

Laptop computer

laptop computer

Need an extra device to get some extra work done, or maybe to see what's up with those Kardashians while you are working on one of our PCs? We have just the thing with this nifty slim laptop complete with Windows 10.

Sony HD Handycam

HD handycam

A little-known fact is that video can be recorded with devices other than phones! Who would have thought? Anyway, this camera will take HD video of incredible quality.

Digital Voice Recorder

digital voice recorder

This little recorder can be used to record interviews, lectures, or your audition tape for the Voice. No, we don't listen to them after you return the device. Message to Candi M.: you were a little flat on that high E. Work on it!



We have headphones in a variety of sizes and configurations, including with microphones. Request the special Klingon translation set by saying, "Mah parmaq the mavericks!"



Should you need to view microscope slides or save a few dollars on your medical tests, we have microscopes available for your use. [Newly discovered lifeforms are solely the property of Tomlinson Library.]

Light source

light source

A helpful biology student has explained that this device sheds light on objects that can then be viewed more clearly under a microscope. It apparently will not shed light on the meaning of "Cats." Please stop in and explain that musical that to us.

VHS Rewinder

vhs rewinder

This icon of 1980s technology can be checked out for pretty much as long as you want it. We really don't care.



sony discman

Want to experience the thrill of an age before phones or even Ipods? Pop in a CD and groove out with this classic Sony Discman. Just don't groove too hard or it will skip.


sony walkman

Just think, people were wearing these devices when Ronnie and Nancy lived in the White House and The Police were an up-and-coming band. If you can manage to find a cassette, pop it in and rock it.