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Tomlinson Library follows CMU's campus guidance:

  1. We ask that all members of the campus community practice mindful masking, and respect that many in the campus community will choose to continue to wear a mask at all times. We must honor and respect one another's decision to do so (or not). 
  2. Face coverings are no longer required in the Library. Designated employees who regularly interact with guests, visitors and/or customers are encouraged to wear masks indoors when interacting with members of the public and distancing cannot be achieved.
  3. Library study rooms, classrooms, and the conference room are available at full capacity
  4. At risk? Curbside pickup and virtual research help remain available – chat with us for assistance! Phone 970.248.1244 or email [email protected].
  5. Campus visitors and vendors are encouraged to wear masks when entering, exiting, and moving about an indoor space.  
  6. Social responsibility is paramount. Mavericks will observe universal precautions to keep the entire campus and Grand Junction community safe. Regularly and thoroughly wash your hands and use hand sanitizer throughout the day. Maintain 3 feet of social distance between yourself and others.
  7. Scout will continue to be used as a wellness tool for campus, however daily attestation is not required for individuals who feel well/are not experiencing COVID-like symptoms. 
  8. CMU honors everyone’s personal choice on the medical decision to vaccinate (or not) and aims to provide resources for individuals making this decision. For CMU’s vaccination-related FAQs, visit this page:,-strong-together.html

Symptomatic? Protect yourself. Protect your Mavily. Anyone exhibiting symptoms should self-isolate. Those experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should log those symptoms in Scout. Students should notify Student Services and call the Student Wellness Center at 970.644.3740.

Want more information? Please refer to CMU’s COVID-19 University Communications page for additional information, FAQs, and more (