International Exchange Students

Colorado Mesa University students and faculty members are excited to welcome international students to our campus. We understand the value of cultural diversity, and hope this experience will be beneficial to you and your education. Be sure to check out ISEP's Study in the USA page, which should answer many of your questions.

Colorado Mesa University

Colorado Mesa University offers a broad array of baccalaureate majors, with numerous areas of concentration, and graduate degrees. The University's two-year division, Western Colorado Community College, offers developmental courses and career and technical programs at the certificate and associate degree level.

Classes are taught by faculty who have chosen undergraduate teaching as the focus of their careers, and nearly all programs place practical training -- through internships, fieldwork, student teaching, or clinical practice -- at the center of students' learning.

With a low student-to-faculty ratio, interaction with students is commonplace and affords faculty the ability to involve undergraduates in challenging research opportunities usually found in graduate programs. The Colorado Mesa University campus features current technology and modern facilities, and is located in Western Colorado, near exceptional outdoor recreational opportunities including hiking, rafting, mountain biking, skiing, and more.

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