January 24-25, 2020

3 hours sharing ideas (Friday, 6-9pm)

Food, beer, and conversation: we mean real fun for the problem solver in you. Pitch, pull or push an idea forward.

2 team tracks (Saturday, 9am-12pm)

Problem to solve? We provide a great place to get started with a workshop and mentors to really orient the team quickly for a great start on your semester long goals.

Problem to refine? We will guide your project with resources to move from ideas to actions. Your idea/project could come to reality at the Innovation Center in 2020.

1 great opportunity

Do you need a project and don’t know what to work on? Do you want to solve or refine a problem? Do you just want to be involved in making ideas happen? This is the event for you.

You will have the opportunity to work on real world challenges offered by campus and community members. Free food and beverages for the first 100 students who sign up for Friday and Saturday activities. Prizes and space for your project/business to develop.

Schedule of Events

All events will take place at the Maverick Innovation Center (730 Mesa Avenue).

Friday, January 24 • 6-9pm 

6–6:30pm Registration

6:30–7pm 1-2 minute pitches: Students - tell us a problem you want to solve and what help you need or join a team to work on a problem. Business owners - you want students to help solve your concept – come pitch it Friday night and see students come to the plate!

8–8:45pm Connect needs with people that are willing to help.

8:45–9pm Action plan for Saturday.

Saturday, January 25 • 9am–12pm

9am Breakfast

10am-12pm Team Tracks

10-10:50am Meet the teams
11-11:25am Innovation Resources - Campus and Community Resources
11:25pm-12pm Project Management - Microsoft Teams, Trello, Agile, Scrum etc.

How to Participate


If you are looking for a term project, a research or internship opportunity or have an idea you would like help to get started, register now. 

Community Mentors

If you are willing to provide supportive guidance, helping students make an idea more successful, and perhaps have a need that might be satisfied with a student project or internship, register here. 


If you willing to provide insights, passion and supportive guidance for your company’s project and can attend the program, please register here. 


If you oversee a class that involves a large project (like a senior capstone class) you would like to be as impactful as possible for your students' careers. This is a cross-disciplinary, real-world opportunity for your students.

Faculty Info Faculty Registration

Questions? Contact Tom Benton at tbenton@coloradomesa.edu or 970.248.2143.