Dial 911 for fire and medical emergencies. If for any reason you make an accidental 911 call, do not hang up. Stay on the line and explain the situation to the emergency dispatcher. If you do hang up, do not use your phone to place another call. The emergency dispatcher must contact you and verify that there is or is not an emergency. If the emergency dispatcher cannot verify with you that there is not an emergency, then emergency personnel will be dispatched to your location.

For non life-threatening emergencies, call 970.242.6707 (Grand Junction Police Dispatch).

Obtaining Service

For telephone repairs, adds, moves and changes or training, please contact the IT Help Desk at 970.248.2111. Please give notice of at least five working days for major changes.

For a complete guide to telephone features, please refer to your Siemens Telephone User Guide and Phone Mail User Guides. These guides may be obtained from the Information Technology & Communications Department located in Lowell Heiny Hall, Room 214.

Click on the following topics to find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Placing a Call

  • To place an off-campus local call, dial 9 + seven digit number to place a local call.
    To place a toll free call, dial 9+1+800(or 888,877,866, etc.) + number.
  • To place a long distance call, dial 8+1+Area Code + Number. After a series of short beeps enter your CMU long distance authorization code to place a long distance call.

Making Personal Long Distance Calls

  • Employees may not accept collect calls at any time. Faculty and staff may place personal long distance calls by dialing the toll free number on a personal credit card or a calling card. Calls related to the business of the University should be placed using a CMU long distance authorization code when on campus and a State calling card when traveling on business.

Placing an International Call

  • To place an international call, dial 8+011+Country Code +City Code +Phone Number. After a series of short beeps, enter your CMU long distance authorization code. When placing an international fax, dial the same as for an international call above except you will need to pause for additional time before entering your long distance authorization code. It may be necessary to use a fax machine with a handset to place an international fax.

Obtaining Directory Information

  • For on-campus directory information, dial 0 for a CMU campus operator. Colorado Mesa operators have campus information only.
  • For off -campus directory information, or for local or long distance directory information, dial 8+1+Area Code +555-1212 or 8-411 or 8-1-411. After a series of short beeps, enter your CMU long distance authorization code. Your account will be charged $0.75 for each call. An alternative is to use the Internet:

Transferring a Call

  • To transfer a call during a call, select "Start transfer?" in the display by pressing the check mark key. Dial the extension. If you want, announce the caller when the party answers or simply hang up before the party answers.

Establishing a Conference Call

  • After calling the first party, scroll through the prompts using the right arrow key and select "Start conference?" by pressing the check mark key. Dial the extension you want to add. After the new party answers, select "Conference?".

Trunk Queuing

  • Trunk queuing during busy times on campus is not unusual to be queued for an outside line. When all campus trunks are busy you will hear a single short tone. After hearing the tone, simply hang up. Your call has been placed in queue for the next available trunk in the order it was received. When an outside line is available you will hear a call back of three short rings. Answer the call back and the number is automatically redialed. Do not walk away from the phone; if you do not answer the call back your call will be dropped from the queue. If you need to leave please be considerate and dial ##1 to cancel Trunk Queuing.

Calling Voicemail

  • Phone mail can be reached from any telephone by dialing 970.248.2200 on-campus. Please refer to your Phone Mail User Guide for more detailed information. User guides may be attained from the Information Technology Department at LHH214.

Setting Voicemail Passwords

  • To set up phone mail, press your Phone Mail key (it should be the top button, right hand side). The system will prompt you to enter a password. If you are new faculty/staff your password should be defaulted to 111. If 111 does not work or you have forgotten your password, call the IT Help Desk at 970.248.2111 and request that your password be defaulted. After you have entered the Phone Mail system using the default password (you will be told that you have entered an unsecured password), you will be prompted to select your own password, which must be 3-24 digits. No one else has access to this password, including Telecommunications.

Recording Greetings

  • To record name and greetings, once you are in the system will prompt you to state your name. Press 8 then 4 and simply state your name then hit * followed by the # key. You have two regular greetings you must record, an external greeting for off-campus callers and an internal greeting for your colleagues on-campus.
  • Both external and internal greetings should sound professional, although internal greetings may be brief and less formal. To record your external greeting you must access your PhoneMail. Choose option 8 (change answering options), then option 1(to change your greetings), then option 1 again (to change your regular greetings), then 1 again (to change external greeting). Once you have reached this point you will hear your current greeting. The system will prompt you through the recording process.
  • To record your internal greeting, you will follow the same process as above for external, except your last step will be number 2 (8-1-1-2).