Worker's Compensation

Employees are automatically insured under the Worker's Compensation Act for injuries sustained in the course of employment. It is the employee's responsibility to report any accident on the job to a supervisor in order to receive worker's compensation. If an employee is injured seriously enough to cause missed work because of the injury, lost time, medical and rehabilitation expenses may be paid for by this insurance. It is extremely important that employees report all accidents in a timely manner. In all cases of on-the-job injuries, employees must notify employers in writing, by filling out the appropriate Employee Report of Injury form within four days of the injury. If the employee contributes to the cause of the injury or illness, or if it is determined that the injury was due to willful misconduct or negligence on her/his part, employee benefits may be reduced or denied. Employees must seek medical assistance from a designated health care provider. With a few exceptions, visits to a non-designated health provider will not be paid by workers' compensation. Colorado Mesa University employees may choose between WorkPartners Occupational Health or St. Mary's Occupational Health.

When an injury occurs during normal business hours, the injured worker should notify his/her supervisor, and contact Human Resources immediately. A claim will be filed, and an appointment will be made with the chosen provider. If an injury occurs outside of normal business hours, the injured worker should notify his/her supervisor as appropriate, and either leave a voicemail or phone Human Resources at the start of the next business day. Employees with injuries requiring emergency medical treatment should notify supervisor immediately and report to Community Hospital or St. Mary's Hospital emergency room. Supervisors must assure that Human Resources is informed of the injury as soon as possible.

Employee Report of Injury for Worker's Compensation Claim Forms:

- Main/Bishop Campus

- Montrose Campus

- Employee Accident Report Form (Required for all locations)

For additional information:

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