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This year, five accomplished Mavericks will leave a legacy their families are sure to be proud of. They'll be permanently enshrined into school history at Colorado Mesa University's Homecoming, honored as Distinguished Faculty, Distinguished Alumni or Hall of Honor inductees. 

The Distinguished Alumni Award is the highest honor the alumni association bestows on an individual. Colorado Mesa began the tradition of recognizing distinguished alumni in 1963. Recognizing these individuals not only brings attention to their high achievements but also displays the quality of education provided by Colorado Mesa University.

The Faculty Senate assembles a committee each year to choose the recipient of the Distinguished Faculty Award, and members of the committee remain confidential. Fellow faculty members recommend nominees and choices are made based on scholarship, services to the university and the wider community as well as teaching skills.

The Maverick Athletic Hall of Honor promotes the values of a thriving athletic program by identifying and recognizing individuals or teams who deserve special acclaim for their significant contribution to Colorado Mesa University athletics.

Distinguished Alumni

Distinguished Faculty

Hall of Honor Award