Graduate Nursing Program News

Fall 2017 Newsletter

Department of Health Sciences Director Update: Dr. Sandie Nadelson

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Highlights from the Spring 2017 Newsletter & Additional News:

Graduate Faculty Meetings are OPEN to students!

Want to see what graduate faculty discuss at a graduate faculty meeting? Want to provide a suggestion or seek/provide input to the faculty?

Students who wish to attend graduate faculty meetings are welcome! You can attend in person or via Zoom (over the internet). Please RSVP to Dr. Marshall if you wish to attend a meeting. Our meetings are on the first Tuesday of each month from 1:30-2:30pm in the Health Sciences first floor conference room. Contact Dr. Bridget Marshall to RSVP!


Mentor Mentee Program

Are you interested in being a mentor for a new graduate student? Would you like to be put on a list of people to be matched as a mentee?

We are developing a list of mentors/mentees for the graduate nursing program. Should you wish to be a mentor to a new graduate student please send your name with your interest via email to Dr. Kathleen Hall

If you wish to be mentored as a mentee – send your name via email to Dr. Bridget Marshall

We hope to match people up! We will ask a few questions of the type of mentor/mentee/ needs you have in order to find a match for you! Thank you!


Scholarship MONEY

Please note there are scholarship monies available to graduate nursing students from the Colorado Health Foundation. Attached is an information sheet for applications to the DAVIS Graduate Nursing scholarships.

For more information contact the above organizations.


Faculty on the Move


Sandie Nadelson PhD, MS, RN Each day, Sandie feels lucky to be paid to do what she loves, teach. Her career in nursing education goes back to the 1990's and has focused on undergraduate nursing. When she is not teaching, she enjoys conducting research on professional development with a focus on caring education. Outside of work her hobbies include gardening, hiking, cooking, taking care of her many rescued pets and making art.

Her main area of practice is nursing, but she has also been involved in K-12 teacher professional development. Sandie also has developed ePortfolios and MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses). Regarding her teaching style, she prefers interaction with small group activities. In addition, project based learning is also a part of how she helps people grow into professionals.

Sandie has published over a dozen articles and is the editor of the Rural Nurse Organization's newsletter. This is an international organization which promotes health within rural areas. Also, she has made presentations about various research projects in several countries including the US, Finland, China, and the Czech Republic.


Lucy Graham, PhD, MPH, RN joined the CMU faculty in August 2016.  She received her PhD in Nursing from the University of Colorado and has a special research interest in helping people living with HIV in rural areas stay engaged in care over their lifespan.  Her clinical nursing journey started in the Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Department then evolved to public health nursing practice. Dr. Graham directed a federally-funded program for people living with HIV in western Colorado for 15 years, precepting CMU BSN students or most of those years.  She teaches in both the undergraduate and graduate programs.

Dr. Debra Bailey, Dr. Sandy Forrest and Dr. Kristy Ruess have retired.

Dr. Kathleen Hall continues to collaborate with Dr. Paula Marchionda MD in the survivorship and integrative oncology clinic at the St. Mary’s Cancer Center in Grand Junction. Their research was recently presented at the 2016 Palliative Care in Oncology Symposium in San Francisco last September. Currently, Dr. Hall and Dr. Marchionda are working with breast cancer survivors in a weight loss and physical activity intervention using the State of Slim diet intervention. They expect to present their results in early 2017.

Dr. Bridget Marshall began a new faculty practice one day a week doing pediatric weight wellness in Montrose/Delta with the Pediatric Associates a group of pediatricians, physician assistant and pediatric as well as family nurse practitioners.