Health Information Technology Systems

The professional certificate in Health Information Technology Systems prepares healthcare professionals to support the collection, management, retrieval, exchange and/or analysis of information in electronic form, in healthcare and public health organizations. This role functions at an operational level to provide comprehensive management of healthcare information and its secure exchange between healthcare consumers and providers.

These specialists participate in processing, managing and transforming data from information to knowledge. This specialist works within the health care environment interacting with both health care professionals and IT specialists. The informatics specialty maintains the big picture of health care informatics while providing an in-depth perspective of nursing informatics.

The program utilizes the ANA Scope and Standards of Nursing Informatics, as well as other frameworks such as American Medical Informatics Association's definition of biomedical informatics and their current work in the development of biomedical informatics competencies and the International Medical Informatics Association's work on informatics competencies.

These areas of knowledge will be taught in the certificate program:

  • Foundations/Introduction to Healthcare Informatics
  • Database Management Systems
  • Information Systems Security and Privacy
  • Information Systems Life Cycle
  • Semantic Representation

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Undergraduate Certificate

Health Information Technology Systems