Associate of Applied Science in Nursing

The Associate of Applied Science in Nursing (AASN) Program is offered on the Montrose Campus Only.  The next application deadline is Spring 2020.


This program allows the student to achieve an Associate of Applied Science in Nursing degree, opening up greater employment opportunities, increased compensation, and more job security. The Associate of Applied Science in Nursing program prepares the student to achieve a balance between general college and nursing education. The Associate of Applied Science in Nursing RN is prepared to be a direct caregiver in hospitals, long-term facilities, and ambulatory care-clinical settings.  Upon completion of the program, students are able to sit for their NCLEX RN Board.


All CMU associate graduates are expected to demonstrate proficiency in critical thinking, communication fluency, quantitative fluency, and specialized knowledge/applied learning. In addition to these campus-wide student-learning outcomes, graduates of this major will be able to:

  1. Cultural Awareness-Exhibit professional nursing care to diverse patients across the life
  2. Information Management-Utilize health information systems to provide safe patient care throughout the health care
  3. Communication-Incorporate therapeutic communication into all
  4. Logical Reasoning-Incorporate evidence based practice in the application of care to provide safe quality
  5. Leadership in health care-Utilize principles of leadership and management skills in caring for patients throughout the lifespan
  6. Professionalism/Caring-Display accountability utilizing ethical reasoning. Incorporate compassionate and empathetic behaviors while providing care.


Program Outcomes (not available until first cohort has graduated May, 2020)

NCLEX pass rates

Attrition rates

Employer satisfaction

Graduate satisfaction



For advising for this program contact the Department of Health Sciences, 970.248.1398


Program Accreditation

The AAS program has been granted interim approval from the Colorado State Board of Nursing. 

A student who graduates from a non-accredited program may have difficulty continuing to another institution.  


AAS-RN Student Handbook


Application Information

AAS-RN Application Form

AAS-RN Transcript Request Form

Request for Report of Grade Status Form

AAS-RN Application Procedure Check-off Form