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This course covers the knowledge and skills to provide emergency care for most medical emergencies. Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs) provide immediate care as part of the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system while awaiting additional EMS response and transportation. This course meets the requirements to become nationally certified as a Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Responder (NREMR).

WHEN: Please see registration for dates/times of the course for the semester you are registered

WHERE: The Department of Health Sciences in the Maverick Center

COURSE: EMTS 115 -Emergency Medical Responder

Emergency Medical Responder students in actionCREDIT HOURS: 3

COMPLETION: One semester

The EMR course is an excellent precursor to the Emergency Medical Technician program and a great way to begin your pursuit of an EMS education. Students who take the EMR course will be given priority toward being accepted into future EMT courses and, later, paramedic courses.

Students in the kinesiology department are allowed to take EMTS 150 as part of their degree requirements and will find the updated curriculum and ability to certify as National Registered EMRs beneficial to their education and career goals.

Those students whose main interest is becoming a law enforcement officer or a firefighter will find that the EMR course will efficiently meet their needs.

Application to the Department of Health Sciences is not required.