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The Colorado Mesa University Seismic Network (CMUSN) is an ongoing research project of the Geosciences Program at CMU. The primary goals of the project are to collect and disseminate data related to possible small seismic events in the general area of Western Colorado and Eastern Utah.

Dave Wolny, alumnus and current Adjunct Professor, and Dr. Verner Johnson, Professor, started collecting seismic data with a single seismometer in January, 1994. The network now has five stations thanks to seismometer donations, volunteer work and financial support from the Grand Junction Geological Society and private individuals.

A seismic event database containing the dates, magnitudes, depths, interpreted .gif files of related seismic traces and epicenter locations is available: Seismic Event Database. Specific questions about these events should be directed to Dave Wolny.

General information on seismometers, earthquakes and updated earthquake information can be found at:

University of Utah Earthquake Information Center

US Geological Survey Earthquake Hazards Program


Seismometer Location Map

Colorado National Monument CMCO* 39.1026N 108.738W
Rapid Creek, Colorado RCCO 39.132N 108.302W
Cedaredge, Colorado CECO* 38.9319N 107.982W
Orchard Mesa, Colorado OMCO* 39.027N 108.517W
Land's End, Colorado LECO 38.9887N 108.288W

*Registered with the International Registry of Seismograph Stations