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I need to work while I'm in school. What can I do?

The Office of Financial Aid has three different ways to help you secure employment: work-study, student assist and off campus jobs.

  • MAVworks (Work-Study): Federal, state funds and university funds available to students for part time employment. Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for funding.
  • Student Assist: Students are paid through the department's budget. It is not necessary for the student to complete the FAFSA.
  • Off campus jobs: Students may pursue employment opportunities with local businesses.

How do I obtain work-study funding?

If you complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), you may be awarded work-study funds. Your award offer will list Work Study as one of the types of aid, along with any grants and loans for which you are eligible. If Work Study is not listed on your award and you are interested, contact the Office of Financial Aid at to see if you are eligible and can be placed on a wait list for those funds. Students that have applied by the priority deadline (March 1) have a better chance of receiving funding.

Once I've been awarded work-study, how do I get a job?

Look on Handshake and filter on-campus jobs in your search for employment.

What if I don't secure a job in the fall semester?

Students need to be aware that just because you signed on your award notice that you have "accepted" work-study, this does not mean that you have the award indefinitely. Due to the high demand for work-study awards, students will be given four weeks from the time school starts to find employment. If no action is taken by the student to find work, the award will be canceled. If you need help securing a job on-campus, please contact Career Services.

What if I'm not awarded work-study funds?

You may still be able to work on campus under student assist funding. Student assist positions, if available, Look on Handshake and filter on-campus jobs in your search for employment.

How much will I be paid?

Student Employment offers a wide range of positions, which require different degrees of skill or experience. The student wage scale starts at minimum wage for the State of Colorado up to pay rates not exceeding $15.00/hour. Wages are in relation to the type of duties performed and in consideration of other student worker wage rates in similar jobs.

Can I work as many hours as I want?

You should limit your hours to 20 per week. The scheduling of hours to be worked will be arranged by you and your supervisor. If you are employed under work-study, the amount you earn can't exceed the amount on your award notice and you can never work during hours that you are scheduled to be attending class.

What paperwork is needed to work on campus?

Once you have found a job on campus your hiring supervisor will email Payroll a work authorization card. Once Payroll has approved your work authorization you will receive an email to complete a new hire packet if you have not worked for CMU in the past, and submit it to the Career Services department in the University Center. Having these items available before searching for jobs will speed up the hiring process: I-9 Documentation and Canceled Check, Deposit slip or an official document from your bank that contains your account number and the routing number.  Direct deposit is required per Colorado Mesa University Fiscal RulesFor the I-9 you will need to provide your ORIGINAL verification documentation, most common is a Social Security Card and a valid driver's license or state issued ID. Presenting copies of any form for verification is not allowed per the Department of Homeland Security regulations. For a complete list of acceptable documentation please see the I-9. One item from List A fills the requirement, whereas if presenting documents from List B and List C your must present one item from both List B and List C.

What if I'm unable to secure a campus position?

Look on Handshake and filter on-campus jobs in your search for employment. Please contact Career Services.

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