Shari Burkhalter

Custodial Supervisor

Shari Burkhalter's family moved to Colorado from Nebraska when she was still a baby.  She grew up in Granby, near Winterpark Ski Area, and graduated from Middle Park High School.  

"I'm as close to being a Colorado Native as you can be without actually being born here," Burkhalter said.  

She worked as a custodial supervisor for the Winterpark Ski Resort for 21 one years and moved into the Grand Junction area three years ago.   She has been working with the CMU Custodial department since April 2015.    Her role here on campus is to oversee the custodial operations and maintenance of the dorms, as well as the Maverick Center and the University Center during the day.   She has attended a variety of supervisor conferences and really enjoys working with the people in her job.  

"What I like about custodial supervising is it's always a challenge because every day is different,"  she said.  

When she is not working, she enjoys going on walks, hiking  and listening to classic rock from the 1980's.

Shari Burkhalter

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