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Life Safety and Access Control Manager

Rick Fox is the leader of the work group who support the electrical, life safety and security systems on all of CMU's campuses. Rick is on the go most of the time. His team maintains all door hardware, locks, keys, elevators, fire safety systems, life safety systems, generators, emergency systems, campus electric distribution systems, alarms and security cameras on campus.

"I enjoy the diversity of tasks my role provides and the requirement for creative problem solving."

Prior to coming to CMU in 2006, Rick worked as the Sports Coordinator for the city of Delta. He has been in the safety and security industry for more than thirty years.

Rick and his wife, Shawna, are active in their community of Palisade. They treasure their two golden retrievers and extended family, most of whom live close by. Rick can be found at the Hamilton Recreation Center exercising over his lunch hour most days. He enjoys an active lifestyle that includes yoga, cross country skiing, cycling, and pinball. He also has a unique collection of antique padlocks and safes.

"I have hundreds of antique padlocks. It's an embarrassing amount. I have either way too many or maybe not enough."

Rick Fox

Contact Information

Campus Services Administration Building 106


[email protected]