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Monday - Friday usually starting at 5 a.m.

Facilities Services employees will usually remove snow from the following areas in this order, based on established priorities:

(Please note that priorities may change based on levels of staffing and weather conditions.)
  1. Main walks through the center of campus (Houston to the Maverick Center)
  2. Main Campus perimeter sidewalks along Orchard, 12th Street and North Avenue
  3. Walks and stairs around Residence Halls
  4. Steps to the University Center, Maverick Center and the south side of Houston Hall
  5. Ramps to Lowell Heiny Hall, Dominguez Hall, and Escalante Hall
  6. All other building entrances
  7. Off campus "City" Walks
  8. ADA parking spaces
  9. Athletic Fields (in season)
  10. Retail Parking spaces
  11. Off campus properties
  12. Terraces, minor door entrances, detailing and widening plowed areas

Saturday, Sunday and Breaks: usually starting around 7 a.m. (earlier if conditions warrant)

In the event that there is snow accumulation over a weekend or over an extended break, priority will be placed on removing snow from all building entrances and opening a path way on all campus walks.

Other Important Information

  • Facilities Services will remove snow for events that are scheduled during breaks first, and remove snow from other areas as time and conditions warrant.
  • Sand and or ice melt is scattered on icy spots once the snow has been removed.  On new concrete, sand and or liquid deicer is applied as needed.
  • We plow all parking lots only when there is 2” or more of snow.
  • A basic safe route is usually opened by 9:30 a.m. It may take several days to complete all the detailing and widening of shoveled paths.

Winter Weather Tips

Facilities Services works hard to provide safe places for students and faculty to walk during the winter months. Even so, our best efforts cannot completely eliminate the danger that comes with being out and about when snow and ice are on the ground. The following are some general tips on how you can get to and from your classes in one piece.

  • Wear appropriate footwear
  • Slow down
  • Get a backpack
  • Free your hands
  • Look up
  • Be cautious on wheels