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Many different types of locks

ATLaS interacts with the CMU community most regarding the administration of access credentials. CMU has nearly 8,000 locks. To successfully manage access, we have procedures in place that help us obtain the information we need to best serve you, the patrons of CMU. Please see our complete Access Procedures document (bottom of page) for information on access cards and keys, and the responsibilities that come with possessing them.

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Access-Related Information


1251 Elm Avenue, Grand Junction, CO 81501
Entrance on the corner of Elm & 13th
ATLaS sign on entrance


Phone: 970-248-1075
ATLaS location on 13th and Elm ave

Primary Functions

Brass key issuance and maintenance

Pick up your keys here after being notified that they are ready. Return all keys to us during your checkout process. Please have ID; MavCard preferred. 

Process MavCard access requests

Card access is requested through representatives (Designees) from each department. Patrons cannot walk in to ATLaS and ask for access.

Repair/maintain locks and other door-related hardware

If you are having a lock-related issue, please submit a work order.

Life safety and emergency response

ATLaS is responsible for the care and compliance of fire alarm/suppression systems, fire extinguishers, fire code, elevators, MavCard access control, Key access control, and camera maintenance. We respond to fire alarm activations and elevator entrapments.