Graduate Spotlight: Elizabeth McBroom

Working at Facilities Services gives Colorado Mesa University graduate Elizabeth McBroom a powerful tool: relating to others on a professional level.

After you graduate, “companies expect you to act professionally, and you don’t always get to develop those skills when people aren’t holding that expectation for you” in college, McBroom said.

McBroom is the face of both Facilities Services and the Purchasing Department. She represents the image that both departments want to convey. Her position helps her practice presenting herself as a positive and welcoming professional.

She came to the department in June 2014 as a student and worked as an office assistant for the custodial division. After her graduation in May 2015, she continued taking CMU classes. Her duties as a student-worker expanded. She now assists the whole department.

"I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first started," said McBroom. The only job description was to help anyone who needed help, primarily Facilities Administrative Coordinator Krista Collins. One of McBroom’s first tasks was to organize the “mass chaos” in the filing room. She receives and directs calls and visitors at the front desk in the Campus Services Administration building.

“She’s much more than a receptionist,” Collins said. Even though McBroom might not always know what her next task will be, she always has something to do. Her position keeps her busy most days sorting a variety of paperwork, such as purchase orders, research projects, budget reports and contracts.

McBroom said she enjoys a great relationship with her coworkers and the department managers. Each division forms its own family but all work well together.

“Everyone is super kind, easy to work with and willing to help you in any area that needs clarification,” she said. “There’s always someone who will take you under their wing. People aren’t afraid to ask each other for favors. This is a department that makes sure students succeed not only in class but in the workplace.”

McBroom’s degree is in kinesiology with an emphasis in adaptive physical education. Although she isn’t using her degree directly, her experience has been very educational, she said.

“This is a side of the workplace that you don’t often get to see in school,” she said.

McBroom gets to witness another side of college education - the unseen infrastructure that ensures students are comfortable during their time at CMU. 

Her fellow employees appreciate her helpfulness and are glad to have her Facility Services.