2016 Symposium Presentations

Presentations from the April 20-21, 2016 Energy & Environment Symposium

Fiscal impacts of oil and gas to local governments

  • Oil and gas industry trends and revenue projections download presentation watch video
    Jason Schrock, Chief Economist, Colorado Office of State Budget and Planning
  • Oil and gas economic impact metrics: production, employment, population, etc download presentation watch video
    Chris Akers, Economist, State Demography Office, Colorado Department of Local Affairs
  • Energy impact funds — Strengthening Colorado Communities download presentation watch video
    Irv Halter, Executive Director, Colorado Department of Local Affairs

Proposed Jordan Cove Liquefied Natural Gas and connector pipeline project watch video

  • Jordan Cove liquefied natural gas (LNG) download presentation
    Bob Braddock, Senior Project Advisor, Veresen Inc.
  • Pacific Connector pipeline project download presentation
    Blaine Pritchett, Project Director, Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline Project, Williams

Oil and gas emission control regulations update: Leak detection and repair (LDAR)

  • Industry update on leak detection and repair download presentation watch video
    Vanessa Ryan, Senior Policy Advisor, Chevron
  • State regulatory update on compliance with leak detection and repair rules download presentation watch video
    Stefanie Rucker, Oil & Gas Permitting Supervisor, CDPHE Air Pollution Control Division

Lunch and Keynote Address sponsored by Caerus Oil and Gas

  • Energy Principles and Values download presentation watch video
    Jim Marchiori, Executive Director, Global Energy Management Program, University of Colorado Denver Business School

Navigating oil and gas development in urban settings: Candid stories of contention, challenge and yes, success (panel discussion) watch video

  • Industry download presentation
    Craig Rasmuson, Chief Operating Officer, Synergy Resources
  • Town of Mead
    Helen Migchelbrink, Town Engineer, Mead
  • City of Greeley download presentation
    Brad Mueller, Community Development Director, Greeley
  • Citizen download presentation
    Dan Johnston, Windsor Neighbors for Responsible Drilling
  • Garfield County
    Fred Jarman, Deputy County Manager, Garfield County
    Matt Lepore, Director, Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

Surface and mineral owner topics

  • Well pad reclamation: Are state requirements one size fits all or flexible? Surface owner, industry and regulator perspectives on reclamation variances (Panel discussion) watch video
    • Surface Owners: What if I want to keep that well pad unreclaimed
      Sam Potter, Surface Owner, Piceance Basin area
    • COGCC download presentation
      Margaret Ash, Manager, Field Inspections Unit, Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
    • Industry download presentation
      Lorne Prescott, Regulatory and Environmental Compliance, Laramie Energy, LLC
    • Industry download presentation
      Michael Gardner, Environmental Manager, WPX Energy
  • Are mineral owners the forgotten stakeholder during moratoria and ban discussions? Mineral estate owner perspectives watch video
    Neil Ray, Colorado National Association of Royalty Owners
  • Potential ballot initiatives and pending legislation summary download presentation watch video
    Chantell Taylor, Government Relations Manager, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

BLM land use planning — Changes are coming in Planning 2.0 (panel discussion) watch video

  • BLM, summary of the proposed rule and expected impact on local government cooperation and coordination download presentation
    Leah Baker, Division Chief, Decision Support, Planning & NEPA, Bureau of Land Management
  • Local Government (and recovering BLM policy-maker) perspective download presentation
    Rebecca W. Watson, Former Assistant Secretary Land and Minerals, U.S. Department of the Interior and Welborn Sullivan Meck & Tooley, P.C.
  • Conservation organization perspectives download presentation
    Nada Culver, Director and Senior Council of the BLM Action Center, Wilderness Society

State agency updates

  • DNR, Results from the Governor's Task Force Rulemaking and the path ahead in oil and gas regulation watch video
    Kathleen Staks, Assistant Director for Energy and Minerals, Colorado Department of Natural Resources
  • COGCC, Regulatory update and other relevant topics download presentation watch video
    David Kulmann, Deputy Director, Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
  • CDPHE, Oil and gas health information and response program update download presentation watch video
    Tami McMullin, Toxicologist, Disease Control & environmental Epidemiology Division, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
  • CDPHE What we know and don't know about the health and environmental impacts of oil and gas operations download presentation watch video
    Dr. Larry Wolk, Executive Director, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Keynote Address sponsored by Ursa Operating Company

  • The petroleum industry resets — Perspectives on the road ahead download presentation watch video
    Stephen Trammel, Research Director and Advisor, IHS

Final thoughts on where the industry is headed

  • Outlook for Energy: A View to 2040 download presentation
    Chad Harris, Energy Advisor, Corporate Strategic Planning, ExxonMobil Corporation