2015 Symposium Presentations

Presentations from the April 29-30, 2015 Energy & Environment Symposium

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Fiscal impacts of oil and gas to local governments - Weds

  • America's energy future: Challenges & opportunities
    Sue Forrester, Energy Institute at US Chamber of Commerce
  • Economic contribution of oil and gas in Colorado
    Brian Lewandowski, CU Boulder Leeds School of Business
  • From Saudi Arabia to Western Colorado: Measuring the impact of the oil price collapse
    John Harpole, Founder and President, Mercator Energy

Waste injection and induced seismicity

  • Introduction to seismology and history of waste injection induced seismicity
    Rick Aster, Colorado State University, Geosciences Department
  • Understanding and managing risk related to earthquakes caused by fluid injection
    Randi Walters, Ph.D. Candidate, Stanford University, Department of Geophysics
  • Colorado's underground injection control program: Prevention and mitigation of induced seismicity
    Robert P. Koehler, PhD., UIC Lead, Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

Keynote Address sponsored by Williams Midstream

  • The outlook for energy: Changes in global energy demand and how it will be met by various energy sources, including natural gas-predicted to be the world's fastest-growing major energy source in future years
    Rob Gardner, Manager, Economics & Energy Division, Corporate Strategic Planning Department, Exxon Mobil Corporation

State Agency Updates - Weds

  • The governor's task force and the path ahead in oil and gas regulation
    Mike King, Executive Director, Colorado Department of Natural Resources

Tools for effective local government, community and industry engagement

  • Local government and other community engagement - industry perspectives
    Chris Castilian, Director of Engagement and Strategy, Anadarko
  • "KEEP IT SIMPLE" - How community priorities can enhance industry relationships: Steps a fiscally challenged and understaffed county took and the tools developed to make oil and gas exploration possible and manageable
    Kyle Fenner, Director of Community and Development Services, Elbert County
  • Successfully negotiating a contentious oil and gas land use development code rewrite
    Holly Prather, Community Development Director, City of Brighton
  • Connecting energy and the community: How the Community Counts organization facilitates 24/7 citizen complaint reporting and resolution
    Nita Smith, Executive Director, Community Counts
  • Community and industry engagement amongst a citizen petition to ban fracking
    Brad Schol, Special Projects Manager, City of Longmont
  • Ensuring balanced energy development through stakeholder engagement
    Kirby Wynn, Oil & Gas Liaison, Garfield County

Research and updates from Colorado Mesa University and Colorado Mountain College

  • Integration of local college curriculum to provide skilled staff to the O&G industry
    Stewart Clark, Professor, Colorado Mountain College
  • Successful ecological restoration provides diverse benefits to the public, local government and industry
    Tamera J. Minnick, Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences, Colorado Mesa University and Richard D. Alward, Arid Lands Natural Resource Consulting

Fiscal impacts of oil and gas to local governments- Thurs

  • Wait... have we been here before? A look back into the not so distant past when Garfield County Natural Gas production dropped 53% in one year
    Jim Coombs, CEO, Grand River Health and Medical Center and Jim Yellico, Garfield County Assessor (non-presenting co-author)
  • State receipt, disbursement, volatility (and near term forecasts) for state severance tax and federal mineral lease proceeds to local governments
    Cynthia Thayer, Program Manager, Division of Local Government, Colorado Department of Local Affairs
  • Federal receipt and disbursement of oil and gas royalties, rents, and bonus payments
    Patrick Etchart, DOI Office of Natural Resources Revenue

State agency updates - Thurs

  • CDPHE budget, legislation outlook, governor's oil and gas task force recommendations and next steps for CDPHE, federal program updates (ozone, 111(d), methane), other department initiatives
    Dr. Larry Wolk, Executive Director, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
  • COGCC regulatory update and other relevant topics
    Matt Lepore, Director, Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

Keynote speaker sponsored by Ursa Operating Company LLC

  • The risk perception gap: Why our fears don't always match the facts
    David Ropeik, Consultant in Risk Perception and Risk Communication, Instructor - Harvard University

Dynamic local land use code: Keeping up with industry technology

  • Rapid technological advances in the context of local land use change and permitting
    Joe Aucoin, Anadarko
  • Navigating land use change permitting during rapid industry technology advances
    Tom Parko, M.A., Director of Planning Services, Weld County
  • Small town/Big oil: How a small town handles massive oil and gas development influx
    Todd Hodges, Planning Director, City of Fort Lupton
  • Keeping up with the flow: Managing a land use code to keep pace with evolving water management practices
    Tamra Allen, Planning Manager, Garfield County

Local government perspectives on oil and gas and audience Q&A

  • Duchesne County local government perspectives on managing oil and gas
    Mike Hyde, Community Development Administrator, Duchesne County Utah
  • Sweetwater County local government perspectives on managing oil and gas
    Wally Johnson, County Commissioner, Sweetwater County Wyoming
  • Weld County local government perspectives on managing oil and gas
    Steve Moreno, County Commissioner, Weld County, CO
  • Garfield County local government perspectives on managing oil and gas
    John Martin, County Commissioner, Garfield County, CO