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EAS has implemented an Accommodation and Case Management software program- Accessible Information Management also known as AIM

All students will need to request their accommodations to be sent each semester following the steps below

Please log into the AIM portal 

  1. Once logged into AIM your courses will be listed on your dashboard overview
    • If there are no courses listed please contact the EAS office
    • If it is your first time logging into AIM you will need to sign any required forms on your dashboard (a copy of the forms will be emailed to you)
  2. Under 'Select Accommodations for Your Class' in the Step 1: Select Class(es) box you will select all the courses you wish to use your accommodations in
  3. You will select the button Step 2: Continue to Customize Your Accommodations 
  4. Select the accommodations you want to use in each class. When you are finished selecting the accommodations, you will click the Submit Your Accommodation Requests button
  5. EAS will email your Faculty Accommodation Memo to your professor(s). After it is sent (which can take up to 48 hours), you can view a copy of your letter in "My Mailbox"

How to Send My Accommodations in AIM- quick guide

How to Send My Accommodations in AIM- Tutorial Video (4:08)

How to Send My Accommodation in AIM - Tutorial Video -short version (2:57)

  • Please follow up with your professor(s) to confirm the Faculty Accommodation Memo has been received. Meet with your professor at the beginning of the semester to discuss your accommodations and any needed exam arrangements
  • If you decide to add a course or change a course you will just need to follow the steps again to have your accommodations sent to the new professors
  • Please contact EAS at 970-248-1856 or stop by the EAS office for help or questions on the new process