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To schedule a proctored in-person exam in EAS you will need to follow the steps below:

Please note: Online (not-proctored) exams - please email your professor to request to use your testing accommodations- do not complete the steps below

Exams during the semester should be scheduled at least 2 days in advance. 

  1. Log into the AIM portal
  2. Select "Alternative Testing" under My Accommodations on the left side of you student overview
  3. Complete the "Exam Detail" Form
  4. Once completed select "Add Exam Request"
  5. The AIM portal will automatically generate an exam request that will be emailed to your professor and you will receive an email with details of your scheduled exam/quiz day/time. 

How to Schedule an Exam using the AIM Portal - Quick Guide

How to Schedule an Exam using the AIM Portal-Tutorial Video (4:22 mins)


  • Students should schedule their accommodated tests for the same time the WHOLE class is scheduled to take the test. If there are extenuating circumstances AND you must test at a time different from your classmates, please use the “Additional Note” box to explain.
  • If you are scheduling an exam within 48 hours or less of the test time you will be required to provide a reason for your late request.
  • Online exams that do not need to be proctored should not be scheduled through the AIM portal-please email your professor to let them know you wish to use your approved accommodations. Contact EAS if you need assistance with any type of assistive technology for your online exams.

Exams during the semester should be scheduled at least two days in advance. 

Please contact EAS at 970-248-1856 or stop in our office to get help with the new process.