VESi Registration Instructions

TO REGISTER, follow the steps below:

  • First, identify the course(s) that you are interested in by reviewing the listing of over twenty course titles, and links to the syllabi. These courses are graded on a Pass/Fail basis. To receive a grade of "Pass", registrants must receive a grade of 70% or better on all assignments. Link to Courses/Syllabi
  • From the choices provided below, identify the semester of registration/transcripting. When selecting the semester, understand that you will be required to have completed the course by the end of the selected semester. When selecting the semester, note these two variables:
    • allow two weeks for the grading of assignments.
    • the official transcript process occurs at the end of the semester. If a teacher needs an official record of completion prior to that date, after submitting all of their assignments, they can request a "confirmation of completion" by contacting Jessica Evans at
SPRING 2019: All course work must be submitted for grading on or before May 2, 2019
SUMMER 2019: All course work must be submitted for grading on or before July 11, 2019
FALL 2019: All course work must be submitted for grading on or before Nov 28, 2019

  • Once your registration and payment have been processed, you will receive an email from VESi which will contain a course link and instructions on how to begin their course.
For technical assistance with all VESi courses, go to VESi's website
Note: All questions related to course requirements should be directed to the course instructor or VESi.