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Twila Weiszbrod, PhD, teaches Medical Office Administration and Billing and Coding. Her background and experience is in health administration in a variety of settings, as well as in health information management. Weiszbrod's scholarly interests are in leadership and emotional intelligence. She engages students in the learning process as a coach and guide, teaching students what they need to know for their career, but also helping them learn how to learn, with the goal of inspiring them to them become life-long learners. She enjoys interacting with students and learning about them and their aspirations.

Her experience as a student has been mostly in a hybrid model. She enjoys engaging students in an online format, as well as in the classroom. She seeks ways to help students learn through experience in a flipped classroom where the students study engaging material online and then apply it in practical ways in the classroom.

Weiszbrod's sees her role as a facilitator to help students achieve their goals. She aims to be a guide for them as they master the material. Her goal is to make the course material engaging and relevant for the students, with practical application to their careers and their lives.

Twila Weiszbrod's CV

Published Works


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