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Sonya Carney is an online lecturer of the Care and Service Coordination and Gerontechnology courses in the Gerontology program with WCCC with more than 13 years of online teaching experience at the undergraduate level. Students will find Carney to be an active participant in course discussions, as she views the discussion forums as the online classroom. This is where students and the instructor engage on the course topics and interact as a class. Working with older adults is Carney's long-time passion, and she was excited to earn her second master's degree in Gerontology in 2019. Carney's scholarly interests include social policy in aging, women and aging, and socioeconomic factors that influence aging. She wrote her master's thesis on Social Security policy. Carney's personal interests include cooking and baking, film, live music, reading, hiking, gardening, and bird-watching. She also enjoys documentary film and binge-watching various TV series with her family when she has time.

Carney has more than 25 years of experience in the aging and social services fields, having worked with agencies at the federal, state, and community levels. She has extensive experience in care management, volunteer coordination, and program development and management. Most recently, Carney is employed full time as a caseworker with a local nonprofit charitable organization that serves older adults. She has previously served as a program director and social work field supervisor. In addition to her full-time experience in the field, Carney has been an online adjunct instructor with a local college for nearly 14 years in the Human Services Department. She serves there as an online course developer and continues to teach three courses per online term. In addition, she has taught in both the traditional in-seat and non-traditional evening in-seat classroom formats.

In an online course, much depends on students' willingness to engage with the course material their instructors provide. In Carney's courses, students will find videos, journal articles, and other resources to enhance their study of the weekly course topics. Carney provides hand-on, real-life learning opportunities that bring the course concepts to life. Carney is a dedicated participant in course discussions, and she values interaction with students. She feels strongly that the online discussion forums serve as her classroom, and she is actively engaged in exploring topics with the class, adding more insights, and sharing resources to expand their knowledge.