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BS, Agricultural Business and Equine Science: Colorado State University


In addition to being a 5th generation rancher from Northern Arizona, Maren Kempton has worked as an agricultural statistician with the USDA National Agriculture Service for more than 5 years. She has also worked and volunteered with the CSU Equine Reproduction Lab and Orthopedic Research Center in Fort Collins, Colorado. Kempton has also spent time as a ranch hand caring for horses in one of the most well-known quarter horse ranches in the U.S. 

Her class sizes are kept small, and she encourages interaction between students and professors. She believes in hands-on learning opportunities, supported by a strong knowledge of the theory of agricultural production practices. Kempton believes in the importance and future of agriculture, and hopes to educate and inspire others to find a path in an industry that has shaped her life.

Kempton lives in the Grand Valley with her husband, two children and an ever growing number of livestock and pets. She enjoys all outdoor activities including skiing, hiking, running and riding horses. In her spare time, she plays the violin and teaches lessons part-time.