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Lori Burns has worked in the Grand Valley as a certified veterinary technician for the last 15 years. Most of her experience is with small animal medicine, but she does have some exotic and wildlife experience as well.

She began her teaching career in January 2021, and so far as taught Humane Restraint and Handling, Small Animal Nursing, Emergency and Critical Care nursing, Clinical rotations, Diagnostic Imaging and VTNE preparation. In the future, she will also instruct Exotic Animal Handling, Surgical Procedures and Clinical Lab Procedures. 

Burns has always been fascinated by both surgical and dentistry procedures and has attended multiple continuing education courses on both.

She is a firm believer in improvement, growth and feedback both in her professional and private life. She encourages students to approach her if there is any confusion as to lectures or expectations. She also believes that it is important to volunteer with a clinic, shelter or rescue operation.

Recently, she has developed a special interest in rehabilitation and physical therapy.