Photo of Katy-Jane Angwin

Katy-Jane Angwin

Assistant Technical Professor of Agriculture

Contact Information

Building A 113



MS, Veterinary Sciences: University of Kentucky
BS, Rangeland Ecology & Watershed Management: University of Wyoming
AS, Range Management: Northwest College, Wyoming
AAS, Production Agriculture: Northwest College, Wyoming


Angwin has an extensive and diverse background in production agriculture and animal science, both academically and professionally. She has spent ten years working on large-scale beef production ranches, raising both commercial and registered herds, including managing federal and state leased grazing allotments. She also has additional experience in forage and crop production. Angwin has been involved in the equine industry from a young age, riding English in Europe to raising and breeding ranch horses in Wyoming and race horses in Kentucky. She also has experience raising show sheep, goats and pigs.

Angwin is a community college graduate herself and firmly attests to the exceptional nature that such institutions provide to both students and the community. Her class sizes are kept small, and she encourages interaction between students and professors and hands on learning opportunities, supported by a strong knowledge of the theory of agricultural production practices.

She believes in the future and the importance of agriculture, and hopes to educate and inspire others to find a path in an industry that has shaped her life.

Published Work

Scasta, J. D., J. L. Beck, and C. J. Angwin. 2016. Meta-analysis of diet composition and potential conflict of wild horses with livestock and wild ungulates on western rangelands of North America. Rangeland Ecology and Management 69:310–318