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Josh Pertile teaches circuits, PLCs and other classes related to automation. His background is in thermo-fluid systems and electro-mechanical systems. He believes that the best way to learn is to do, and strongly supports hands-on learning. He is fascinated with LED technology, genetic engineering and neural interfaces. Pertile also enjoy all things outdoors, especially rock climbing, mountaineering and camping.

In his work as a design engineer, Pertile created sensors to communicate with PLCs for HVAC and tested the effectiveness of existing sensors. He designed solid state cooling for computers used in high stress industries including aerospace, military and industry. He performed efficiency analysis and worked on design improvements for manufacturing systems. He also worked as a researcher in a pulmonary pathology lab that looked at injury formation due to invasive ventilation. His research is on pressure amplification from surgical ventilation devices and their relation to homogeneity of pressure and injury in the lung.

In the classroom, Pertile advocates for hands-on learning and project-based education. Questions are always encouraged; a class should be a conversation - not a monologue. He focuses on making labs and projects as interesting and relevant as possible to foster student engagement.

Published Work

Pertile, J. (2019). Parameters Governing Airway Pressure Homogeneity during Low Frequency Jet Ventilation. American Thoracic Society International Conference (2019) Abstract Publication - Distal Airway Pressure Heterogeneity During Low Frequency Jet Ventilation Patent Pending for patent number 62/857,197