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Jonathan St. Peter

Assistant Technical Professor of Culinary Arts

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Western Colorado Community College: Bishop Campus



AAS, Colorado Mountain College


Jonathan St. Peter received his associate degree in culinary arts from Colorado Mountain College. St. Peter teaches Culinary Program Fundamentals, Advanced Line Prep and Cookery and Techniques of Culinary Competition. Most of his experience has been in white tablecloth dining, culinary competition and culinary education.

He loves to work with students, side-by-side, knee-deep, buried in orders coming in and food going out. "It's like a puzzle that's going to explode - you've got a limited amount of time to solve it and there are multiple good choices," he said. "Cooking is a thinking game," "Taste, taste, taste!" and "What are the reasons behind the decision you think you need to make?" are all frequent comments heard throughout the chef's kitchen. With heavy emphasis on critical thinking skills and excellent execution of culinary technique, St. Peter creates a high-caliber environment and invites students to step up to the plate and cultivate their skills through trial, error and reiteration.

"All I've ever done professionally has been related to the food service industry. Frankly, I don't really care to do anything else," he said. St. Peter is fascinated by the discipline; the media captures his imagination, and he finds the potential for creativity employing all senses available to human beings deeply satisfying. As a culinary instructor, he said it's been his privilege to shape the minds and train the hands of students for 12 years and counting. He is avid about food, great taste, pure ingredients, perfectly executed culinary technique and artistic expression. St. Peter loves compete, he loves what he does every day and he still loves the game.

St. Peter has taught many of the culinary courses over time and currently works with students in the operation of Chez Lena Restaurant and a new course addition in culinary competition. As a respectable Coloradan, St. Peter spends as much time outdoors as his career and family allow, rock climbing, telemark skiing, back packing, elk hunting, camping and gardening. Most recently, he has learned to build with straw bales and cob and is just waiting for the right opportunity. "Life is fascinating," he said. "Go out there capture it!"

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