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NAPA Yearly Trainings




James Goetz has an associate degree in automotive technology, receives yearly trainings from the National Automotive Parts Association (NAPA) and has 80 hours of Honda training. Goetz also owned his own automotive repair facility for more 18 years, where he enjoyed the challenges of the difficult nature of auto repair, managing the business, caring for customers, staying current in his field and working on important equipment. Goetz is in his 16th year of teaching secondary students automotive repair. His courses include Introduction to Transportation Services, Engine Fundamentals and Vehicle Service and Inspection.

In his classes, Goetz's goal is to help his student become thinkers. Technicians ask lots of questions, figure out which automotive system the complaint is in, research the book to get procedures and specification, reach into the toolbox for test equipment and then apply muscle to take out the parts. This is a step-by-step process and if Goetz said that if he can teach his students to think before they act, he can make their lives easier.

Curriculum Vitae