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AAS, Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology


Eric Keith Wright received his associate degree from Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology. He teaches courses in Introduction to Transportation Services, Manual Drive Trains, Alignment and Suspension Service, Vehicle Service and Inspection, Engine Fundamentals, Electrical Fundamentals, Drive Train Fundamentals, Electronic Control Systems, Chassis Fundamentals, Brake System Fundamentals, Fuel Fundamentals, Climate Control Fundamentals, Electrical Component Repairs, Fluid Power, Hydraulic Brake Service and Climate Control Service.

Wright feels that project-based learning is vital for a student to build confidence in their ability and skill development and that teaching is a multi-faceted career. The most important facet is the dedication to the student to provide them with the resources to achieve their goals. It is Wright's philosophy that knowledge is first required before anyone can achieve a task or goal successfully, not performing a task or job before the needed knowledge base. Having a knowledge base is the absolute requirement for anyone to have a successful and long career. As an instructor, Wright believes there is an obligation to provide a strong foundation of knowledge for the student in order to develop the skills required in this industry.

Curriculum Vitae