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Alaa Kassir

Associate Technical Professor of Developmental Mathematics

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Western Colorado Community College: Bishop Campus



MS, Educational Psychology, University of Wisconsin

BS, Mathematics, University of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Teaching License-Mathematics

Texas Teacher Certificate-Mathematics

CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)

Personality Dimensions Facilitator (Level I)

Personality Dimensions Facilitator-Trainer (Level II)


Alaa Kassir received her bachelor of science in mathematics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and went on to earn her master of science in educational psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She teaches Introductory Algebra and Intermediate Algebra.

Kassir was born and raised in Tripoli, Labanon and has international teaching experience in Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates and the United States. She teaches in lecture format as well as emporium style, and her scholarly interests include student success and retention. A real interest in her students' deep learning and a genuine concern for their well-being are at the core of Kassir's teaching philosophy.

She cares deeply about all of her students and strives to help each and every one of them reach their potential both as students of mathematics and as human beings. Motivation plays a very important role in her teaching of mathematics. Kassir tries to show her students that learning mathematics is important and enjoyable and makes every effort to broaden their perspectives of mathematics and its relevance to their fields of interest. One commitment Kassir makes to her students is to always be available outside of class. She gives them ample time to meet with her during office hours.

Kassir thoroughly enjoys teaching mathematics. Her students can sense the enthusiasm and become more interested in mathematics themselves. Creating a positive, friendly and encouraging environment in and outside the classroom is the one of the most important reasons for her success in teaching. At the end of a semester, when she sees that her students have acquired the knowledge of fundamental mathematics and the confidence in their own learning ability - both very necessary to succeed in their college level classes - she knows her work was well done.

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