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MA, University of Nebraska- Omaha 
BSBA, University of Nebraska- Omaha


Holly Buglewicz graduated from the University of Nebraska - Omaha with a BSBA with an emphasis in Marketing and minors in Management and Communication Studies. She went on to receive her Master of Arts in Communication from the University of Nebraska - Omaha. In addition to her coursework, Holly became a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) for the Communication Department from 2013-2015. As a GTA, she was an Instructor of Record for Public Speaking and in her final semester she became the Assistant Coordinator of UNO's Speech Center.

As a scholar, the primary scope of her research involves interpersonal and family communication. As an interpretive scholar, Holly’s thesis was a qualitative study that explored the effects of parental divorce on young adult male romantic relationships. She completed her Master’s program in December 2015. 

Here at CMU, Holly teaches Speechmaking and Essential Speech. As an instructor, her goal is to engage students by showing them the applicability of speech and communication within any given situation. Additionally, she hopes to instill a sense of responsibility in her students, not only in their scholarship, but also in their role as community members. She wants her students to think critically, raise questions and be active agents in the classroom and the community.