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Laurena Mayne Davis, PhD, brings to her Essential Speech classrooms applied communication experience in public affairs, public relations and journalism. Davis is an award-winning writer and editor, with research interests including using biofeedback to manage public speaking anxiety, and public and feminist rhetorics.

Selected Works

Haynes, Dave. Sandstone to Summit: Colorado and Utah Landscapes Through the Lens of Christopher Tomlinson. Editor. Published by Grand Junction Media Inc., 2014.

Buchanan, Dave. Drink It In: Wine Guide of Western Colorado. Editor. Published by Grand Junction Media Inc., 2013.

Davis, Laurena Mayne. Monumental Majesty: 100 Years of Colorado National Monument. Editor. Published by Grand Junction Media Inc., 2011.

Davis, Laurena Mayne. 125 People, 125 Years: Grand Junction’s Story. Museums of Western Colorado, 2007.

Trumbo, Dalton. Eclipse. Editor and introduction. Published by the Mesa County Public Library Foundation, 2005.

Davis, Laurena Mayne. Grand Junction & the Grand Valley: Visions of the 21st Century. Montgomery, Ala.: Community Communications, Inc. 1999.