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Jenny Peil

Instructor of Psychology

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Houston Hall 222C



PsyD, Florida Institute of Technology
MS, Florida Institute of Technology
BS, Psychology, Colorado State University


Jenny Peil, PsyD, received her Bachelor of Science in psychology from Colorado State University and went on to earn her Master of Science and Doctor of Psychology from the Florida Institute of Technology. Peil's current courses include Psyc 233: Human Growth and Development, Psyc 300: Health Psychology, Psyc 410: Drugs and Human Behavior and Psyc 425: Forensic Psychology. Given that the brain is an interest area of hers, she enjoys connecting these topics by way of brain development or abnormalities that influence how one functions in the world. Her research interests also include health, aging and memory.

Prior to engaging in teaching at CMU, Peil had a variety of clinical experience, including community mental health, a hospital setting working in collaborative treatment teams and working with the inpatient psychiatric population.

In the classroom, Peil likes to try to engage students in the world around them. "What we learn is relevant to the world and societal events both common and rare," she said. "And if we pay attention we can see 'classroom' topics playing out all around us. Noticing these offers an opportunity to apply what we know or are learning and to test the theories we discuss and critically evaluate our perspective and our role."