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Crystal Baker

Instructor of Psychology

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Houston Hall 224A



PhD, University of Northern Colorado
BA, Wartburg College


Crystal Baker earned her BA in Psychology with a minor in Computer Science from Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa and landed at the University of Northern Colorado where she completed her MA and PhD in Educational Psychology with a minor in Applied Statistics and Research Methods. She teaches Memory and Cognition, Research Methods, APA Style of Writing, Human Growth and Development, and General Psychology at CMU.

Baker’s research interests involve learning, specifically how we process music and factors that optimize learning. She is currently examining the development of grit, or perseverance for long-term goals, in children and its relationship to factors such as self-esteem, parenting practices, and deliberate practice. In the realm of music and memory research, Baker developed a dual-task paradigm for examining tonal working memory within the framework of Baddeley’s Multicomponent Working Memory model. She is also investigating the psychometric properties of a widely-used measure of theory of mind and worked on a project evaluating a parent-child social intervention for toddlers at risk for autism. 

Baker’s teaching philosophy centers on engaging students in discovery learning by embedding psychological inquiry into her courses. She provides opportunities for students to integrate psychology into their lives and strives to ignite the spark of intellectual curiosity in every student.