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Catherine Spann, PhD, teaches General Psychology and Human Growth and Development at Colorado Mesa University. Prior to joining CMU, Spann was a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She is a Research Psychologist specialized in self-regulation and mindfulness meditation with children and adults. Her current research examines the effects of breathing practices on stress and emotion regulation. Spann has taught university courses in social, cognitive and abnormal psychology as well as statistics, and I've taught cognitive neuroscience to Buddhist Monks at Sera Mey Monastery in India. Spann is a certified breath coach and yoga instructor and co-instructs a free, online course, The Science and Practice of Yoga, with over 20,000 students.

Spann's goal as an instructor is to transform students into self-determined and self-regulated learners who not only become knowledgeable citizens of Psychological Science, but who also become intrinsically motivated to use that knowledge to positively contribute to their families and communities. Her teaching environments promote mutual respect, perspective taking, critical thinking and open communication. She's a nature-obsessed, animal-loving, lifelong learner. She works toward a world where every child can grow up in an environment that values and models psychological safety, emotion regulation and healthy communication.

Spann loves the outdoors and hikes and runs as much as possible. The rest of her time is spent brainstorming new nicknames for her dog, Georgia.

Catherine Spann CV