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PhD, Physics: University of Paderborn, Germany 
MA, Physics: University of Paderborn, Germany 
BS, Physics and Mathematics: Pacific Union College, CA USA


Youngmin Kim, PhD, teaches introductory- and sophomore-level physics and laboratory, as well as upper level advanced courses in Optics and Quantum Technology.

Having received education and professional training from three different countries, Kim's educational aim is to optimize the balance between classroom knowledge and practical skills in the laboratory, as he is an experimental physicist. His scholarly interests involve investigating new materials and phenomena in Quantum optical technology, and the interaction between light and matter in general.

Selected Publications

J. Cho, Y. M. Kim, et al., “Strongly coherent single photon emission from site-controlled InGaN quantum dots embedded in GaN nano-pyramids”, ACS Photonics, 2018, 5 (2), pp 439–444

YW. Oh, SH. Baek, Y. M. Kim, et al., “Field-free switching of perpendicular magnetization through spin-orbit torque in antiferromagnet/ferromagnet/oxide structures”, Nature Nanotechnology 11, 878–884 (2016)

D. Sleiter, K. Sanaka, Y. M. Kim et al., “Optical Pumping of a Single Electron Spin Bound to a Fluorine Donor in a ZnSe Nanostructure” Nano Letters, 2013, 13 (1), pp 116–120

Y. M. Kim et al., “Semiconductor qubits based on fluorine implanted ZnMgSe/ZnSe quantum-well nanostructures”, Physics Review B 85, 085302 (2012)