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Jared Workman

Associate Professor of Physics

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Wubben Hall & Science Center 230C



PhD, University of Colorado

BS, Temple University

BA, Temple University


Jared Workman, PhD, received both a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts from Temple University and went on to earn his PhD from the University of Colorado. An assistant professor of physics, Workman teaches General Physics, Advanced Dynamics, Elementary Astronomy, Fundamental Mechanics, topical courses in astrophysics, Quantum Theory I, and Quantum Theory 2. His research interests include astrophysics and computational physics.

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Selected Publications


"Analytical Models of Exoplanetary Atmospheres: Atmospheric Dynamics via the Shallow
Water System", Kevin Heng & Jared Workman, ApjS, Volume 213, Issue 2, Article 27, 35 pp,

"Modeling Increased Metal Production in Galaxy Clusters with Pair-Instability
Supernovae"", Brian Morsony, Caitlin Heath, and Jared Workman, MNRAS, Volume 441, pp
2134-2147, 2014

"Particle-in-cell simulations of particle energization via shock drift acceleration from
low Mach number quasi-perpendicular shocks in solar flares", Jaehong Park, Chuang
Ren, Jared C. Workman, Eric G. Blackman, ApJ, 765, 147,2013

"Particle-in-cell simulations of particle energization from low Mach number fast mode
shocks", Jaehong Park, Jared C. Workman, Eric Blackman, Chuang Ren, and Robert Siller,
Volume 19, 6, 2012

"Simulations Reveal Fast Mode Shocks in Magnetic Reconnection Outflows", Jared C.
Workman, Eric Blackman, & Chuang Ren, Physics of Plasmas, Volume 18, 9, 2011