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DMA, Choral Conduction: University of Wisconsin- Madison
MM, Choral Conducting: University of Northern Colorado
BME, Piano: University of Northern Colorado 


Adam Kluck, DMA, oversees the choral program and conducts Tenor/Bass Choir, Vocal Chords, Soprano/Alto Choir, and Vocal Arts Ensemble. Additionally, he teaches Advanced Choral Conducting, Teaching Special Ensembles, Choral Methods and Choral Literature. His philosophy in the choral rehearsal is centered around trust, vulnerability and using music to explore the human experience.

Dr. Kluck currently serves on the Colorado ACDA State Board as Youth and Student Activities Chair, and serves on the Colorado ACDA Anti-Racism Task Force.

Dr. Kluck's dissertation was on James MacMillan's Strathclyde Motets, and his current research interests include the choral music of Dmitri Bortniansky, Robert Carver and James MacMillan. He is also engaged in research centered on the academic education of singers and the current state of regional chorus employment opportunities for singers and conductors.

He has experience conducting at all levels of ensembles and was invited as one of five conductors worldwide to participate in a week-long intensive conducting symposium with two professional choirs in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2015.

As for his teaching style, he is always looking for texts that are relevant to us today, and the best composers at setting those texts. Exploring and sharing music with each other is a way for us to engage in face-to-face, meaningful human interaction that we just do not experience anywhere else. Most of all, he values the pursuit of excellence in music for its own sake.

Published Work

James MacMillan's Strathclyde Motets - article published in Anacrusis, the official publication of Choral Canada. 

James MacMillan's Strathclyde Motets - poster presentation at the National ACDA Convention, March 2017