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PhD, Washington State University

MS, Washington State University

BS, State University of New York


Phil Gustafson, PhD, completed his undergraduate work at the State University of New York-Oneonta and went on to earn a Master of Science and PhD in mathematics from Washington State University. He is a professor of mathematics and teaches Calculus, Differential Equations and Discrete Structures. He is a member of math organizations Sigma Pi Sigma, Sigma Xi and was the Program Chair of BIG SIGMAA for nine years.

Gustafson teaches a variety of classes at all levels in the mathematics program at CMU, for both majors and non majors. From precalculus and calculus on up, he enjoys teaching both pure and applied mathematics courses. One course he has developed for students with a calculus background is Math 362 Fourier Analysis. In this course, students record, analyze and process sound waves and digital images. Using discrete Fourier and cosine transforms, Gustafson's students learn about spectral information, design digital filters and implement effective compression schemes.

He has published several research papers in top international journals in his field, as well as publishing teaching-related articles and expository articles regarding mathematics in business, industry and government. More recently Gustafson has written a book manuscript entitled Fourier Analysis with Applications to Audio and Image Processing.