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Jason Reddoch

Assistant Professor of English

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Escalante Hall 212



PhD, University of Cincinnati

BA, Millsaps College


Jason Reddoch received his Bachelor of Arts in classical studies from Millsaps College in Jackson, Miss. and went on to earn his PhD in classical studies from the University of Cincinnati. Throughout his education, Reddoch studied abroad at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens, Greece and at Lincoln College, Oxford, UK. He teaches World Literature, Bible as Literature, Mythology, Structure of the English Language, Latin, Greek, and English Composition.

Reddoch's passion for studying languages and understanding the roots of Western civilization inspired him to pursue classical studies. In his literature courses, Reddoch seeks to make ancient texts come to life by encouraging students to understand them in their original context.

Reddoch's published research focuses on a Greek-speaking Jewish author named Philo, who lived in Egypt during the first century CE. Although Philo was Jewish, he was fascinated by Greek philosophy and wrote many books in which he tried to reconcile his understanding of the Bible with Greek philosophy. Reddoch's research deals primarily with Philo's use of Greek philosophy to explain how dreams work. His most recent peer-reviewed publications include "Enigmatic Dreams and Onirocritical Skill in De Somniis 2" Studia Philonica Annual 25 (2013) and "Philo of Alexandria's Use of Sleep and Dreaming as Epistemological Metaphors in Relation to Joseph" The International Journal of the Platonic Tradition 5.2 (2011).

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