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Edith-Marie Roper teaches professional and technical writing courses, research writing and researched argument essay writing and first-year composition courses. She combines hands-on writing in class with opportunities to practice publishing in the mainstream world (reviews on manufacturing sites, writing fix-it guides for or creating a YouTube fixit channel/video). Roper also focuses on cultural rhetoric and/or the culture of academic writing because of her background as a TRiO, Student Support Services alumna. Basically, she doesn't take for granted American Standard English or expectations of communicating in a college classroom. They aren't natural. They are learned. Roper actively works to listen and incorporate students' home culture and home ways of knowing (Paulo Freire, bell hooks - education scholarly).

Roper has been helping students write since she was recruited as a first-semester freshman to work at an Academic Resource Center. As an undergraduate, she started teaching one-credit, small-group writing studio courses for Washington State University. Roper worked for two years as a retention counselor and specialist for Washington State University's TRiO program after completing her BA. She started teaching "regular" college courses as part of her funding for my graduate school, also at Washington State University. Roper has been teaching for over six years now. Mostly recently she taught the English 112 equivalent at Pikes Peak Community College as well as Introduction to Professional and Technical Writing.