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DA, Middle Tennessee State University

MS, Middle Tennessee State University

BS, University of North Alabama


Steven Ross Murray, DA, received his Bachelor of Science in physical education from the University of North Alabama and went on to earn his Master of Science in wellness and fitness and his Doctor of Arts in physical education from Middle Tennessee State University. While an undergraduate, he competed in intercollegiate athletics as a runner and a swimmer. He went on to become a sponsored athlete, racing in numerous road races and multi-sport events such as the triathlon and duathlon, and completed the IRONMAN Canada Triathlon Championships.


At CMU, Murray teaches courses in health and wellness, the history and philosophy of sport, and sport management. His teaching is centered on providing his students with a broad-based education, which is interdisciplinary in nature and promotes critical thinking. His classes involve enthusiastic presentations and challenging discussions.


Murray's major scholarship is in the area of personal wellness and the history of sport, particularly sport in the ancient world. He has written two books and more than 100 publications for academic journals and other periodicals. Recently, Murray was invited to write an article on female gladiators by the editor of Aktüel Arkeoloji, a Turkish publication, for a special issue related to women in the ancient world. Other recent publications by Murray include articles concerning the javelin throw in the ancient Olympic Games as well as how the ancient Greeks threw the military spear.


With respect to modern events, Murray investigates mechanisms for enhanced recovery in athletes, studies the prevention and treatment of athletic injuries and examines training methods for improving aerobic capacity. He is an avid cyclist, runner, and swimmer. In his spare time, he also enjoys the shooting sports.

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Selected Publications

Sands, William A., Melonie B. Murray, Steven R. Murray, Jeni R. McNeal, Satoshi Mizuguchi, Kimitake Soto, and Michael H. Stone. (2014). Effect of Peristaltic Pulse Compression on Forward Split Range of Motion. The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 28(4), 1058-1064.

Murray, Steven Ross. (Spring 2013). Antik Dünyada Kadin Gladyatörler. Aktüel Arkeoloji, 68-73. (In Turkish). N.B., Translated to English it reads: Female Gladiators of the Ancient World. Actual Archaeology, 68-73.

Clark, Ida E., Brianne M. West, Sheila K. Reynolds, Steven R. Murray, and Robert W. Pettitt. (2013). Applying the Critical Velocity Model for an Off-Season Interval Training Program. The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 27(12), 3335-3341.

Pettitt, Robert W., JoLynne D. Niemeyer, Patrick J. Sexton, Amanda Lipetzky, and Steven R. Murray. (2013). Do the Noncaffeine Ingredients of Energy Drinks Affect Metabolic Responses to Heavy Exercise? The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 27(7), 1994-1999.

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